Blue-tiful Kitchen Remodel

Rosemount, MNย  |ย  2021

This Rosemount kitchen remodel is a stand-out, and not just because of the gorgeous blue island.

Our clients came to us wanting to update their kitchen but due to budget, didn't want to make any significant structural changes (i.e. no changes to the plumbing, wiring, or walls).

However, we didn’t let that stop us from creating a MAJOR transformation! Tall white cabinetry not only adds much-needed storage but also helps the kitchen feel bigger. Meanwhile, new black honed granite countertops and a white textured subway tile backsplash, paired with champagne bronze hardware, layer in subtle details beautifully, adding interest to the classic-focused design.

And let’s talk about this island! Blue cabinetry is trending and this island clearly shows why. This particular shade of blue is bold yet still feels classic enough to stand the test of time. As one of the only footprint changes in our design, we extended the island, adding storage on both sides and an overhang on two sides for additional seating. A beautiful marble-looking quartz countertop and brushed bronze dome lights top the island, giving the kitchen a perfect amount of flair. Simply blue-tiful!

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